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Pure Electric

Pure electrically driven, eReam provides for precise adjustable cleaning.

A simple integration without expensive security hardware, energy and resource saving as well as an effective cleaning were the basic requirements of the development. Electricity instead of compressed air, combined with the proven cleaning with reamers, paved the way for this innovative cleaning system.

Wire cutting

With the optional wire cutting unit, the wire is placed on a freely definable stick-out.


The centering of the gas nozzle is done with a centering ring which precisely positions the gas nozzle for the milling process.


Clamping jaws hold the gas nozzle to the cleaning position, until the reaming process is completed.


The cutter moves up and frees the contact nozzle from dirt and weld spatters. From 15 mm gas nozzle diameter on, it is cleaned up to the nozzle assembly.

The scrapings are passed through a chute into a collecting tank.


To increase the operational time, a anti-spatter linquid may be used to protect the gas nozzle against contamination with dirt after the reaming process. This is applied with dosed impulses on the gas nozzle.


eReam is ready for integration with its diverse programming options and its open interface for robot and fieldbus environments.